Two Seasons

Winter 1986

Steven was busy with his work. He doesn't want to be bothered. Most nights he locks himself in the music room, his happy place where he stings notes for the symphony. His wife came in the room gave him a kiss and told him not to wait up for her. He was annoyed that she entered without knocking but at the same time pleased that he will be left alone. With tunes playing in his head, he lost track of time. Then he heard glass broke from the kitchen, and heard somebody moving about. He knew he's alone, so he retrieved the gun from his drawer and quietly made his way to the kitchen. A single gun shot was fired, then there was a thud.

Matthew and Chloe

The relationship is over, but they agreed to see each other one last time. They had a colorful night. Matthew is weak. He is not ready to let go. He begged and cried and promised her the world. Is this really the end of their three year romance? This happened before, and she gave in. She was back in his arms that same season. He knew that she will never be his nor he be hers. This time was different, she didn't shed a tear, her mind was made up, and this was the final goodbye. In a couple of hours Chloe was gone.

Emma and Justin

She was waiting for her husband to come home. She made the best meal, slaved in the kitchen for hours. She also decorated their tiny apartment with origami stars big and small. He finally came home, his wife served him like a king, then she told him the news.They were both ecstatic, so it seem. He did not want to burst her bubble, but she never knew that he's been out of the job from the construction site for almost a week. He's been looking for another job days on end. He was desperate and now she's with a child. They went to bed early. Even when she's slept she glowed with happiness. He watch his wife sleep contently while he was a nervous wreck. He got up, maybe some air will do him good.

Fall 1987

The room was eerie silent. There are three rows of of six chais facing a window. Chloe sat on the second row, clutching a photograph agains her chest. Strangers came pouring in, faces somber. In the first row sat Emma, her face swollen from crying. Her mother was sitting next to her holding her hand. Everyone waiting. At the other side of the window, is a smaller room was a metal bed. The prison guard escorted Justin in shackles, followed by Matthew in a black cassock with fuchsia piping holding a bible. Both men knew who were behind the one-way mirror. Justin was strapped to the metal bed. Medical personnels came in and preformed their task. The curtains were drawn shut. Emma let out a wail. Chloe looked at Steven's picture and wept.


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